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Summer home furnishing information to the wooden floor to leave the leeway.

In summer, because the air is too dry or too humid two extreme weather phenomena, is not considered to be a good season for home decoration. Many people think that spring, autumn is the gold season that decorate, it is decorated in the summer, as long as the deal with the problems should be paid attention to, in accordance with the normal construction technology, construction process to do every work, also can make make you satisfied.
In summer, due to the hot weather and dry weather, the decoration project usually gives people a good feeling and is easy to construct. But a little careless, easy to appear the wood deformation, the floor become warped. Wall cracks, paint dry fog and so on. Therefore, in the summer construction, we should pay special attention to the following situations:
Avoid damp ingress.
Summer air humidity is big, some easily absorb moisture material such as plank, plank, plasterboard, handled in the process of transportation or storage is improper, easy to be subjected to tide, the plank after damp is met mold point. If the wood keel that USES plank, wood, in the air gradually dry, the moisture volatilizes in the material, also easy to crack deformation, still can affect other material. If use plank to make keel of gesso condole top, because the shrinkage coefficient of sheet material is bigger than gesso, the wood keel shape will result directly in gesso condole top crack, affect decorate quality easily. So buying material must be looking for big wholesalers, because big wholesaler of wood through dry processing, they pick up the goods directly from the container, the decrease of the intermediate links, thus reduces the chance of be affected with damp be affected with damp wood. To avoid moisture, keep the material in a dry, ventilated place, away from Windows and water. If the home is well ventilated, there is a place where the materials are placed, and you can buy the materials that will be used easily. The material that accumulates in the warehouse generally is relatively damp, buy back to put in the home to do ventilated and dry, can assure material quality to the utmost.
The wood floor leaves room for expansion.
When the shop is real wood floor, must somehow, leave certain expansion coefficient for real wood floor, the floor gap is too big or too small will affect the effect of pavement, floor cracks too close, after the wooden floor be affected with damp be affected with damp inflation, bulging deformation phenomenon happens.
Keep the wall dry
Do metope decorate, the dry treatment of base putty is especially important. Especially stickup ceramic tile, floor tile, metope processing before, can't let facing the bottom is too dry, general processing before splashing water, let it absorb about half an hour, then use cement mortar or plaster powder, to ensure that the paste of the firm. The summer paint dries slowly, and the paint absorbs moisture from the air and creates a layer of fog. The best way to do this is to dry the paint faster. Summer decoration will also encounter the latex paint because of the slow drying, in hot hot weather the problem of moldy. In the project should be done in the base putty dry treatment, the wall wants full dozen three to four times putty to be able to brush coating. The drying time should be extended as long as possible after every putty, so as to reduce indoor moisture as much as possible. Wait for the putty to dry out, then set again, do not compare with the project progress in the spring and winter period. If the putty does not dry thoroughly, repeat putty or brush coating, the excessive moisture locks in it, the wall will appear "perspiration", even the phenomenon of widespread craze. Therefore, it is best to finish the decoration before the rainy season.
Pay attention to aftercare.
The cement floor, 107, or cement roofing, should be put in water every day for 3 days to prevent cracking. If the cement is just plastered on the floor, be sure to dry out to lay the floor. If this is the first floor, it is best to use the hj-201 waterproof paint brush once. Before construction, should be carefully read all product, such as glue, adhesives, paint and other chemical products specifications, must be under instruction of temperature and environment construction, to ensure the stability of quality of chemical products. After decoration, it will also encounter various flavors that will not go out, affecting people's health problems. It is recommended to set up a few green plants, use photosynthesis to remove odors, or put a few lemons and pineapples in the house to quickly remove odors. Exterior balcony curtain wall nigrescent reason mainly is rain moisture, moisture slowly from wall penetration, and wall board outside the paint after sealing moisture and are unable to send out, resulting in black, paint film cock, so on the balcony to do back the water seepage prevention wall must do first. To deal with the humidity can also take a variety of ways to solve in many aspects, before the wall scratches the putty, can use dry cloth to wipe wet water gas wipe clean and then dozen putty; All doors and Windows are open to ensure timely ventilation.
Select the construction team.
In summer this more sensitive season is decorated, formal decoration company appears particularly important, the above mentioned methods also only the formal company can think, can do. In addition to decorate a company qualification certificate, business license, in view of the individual is "according to" company transfer the project after the next "guerrillas", consumer should also examine decorate personnel office, ask them to do what kind of model project.
Do seasonal maintenance.
After the completion of the home decoration project, there will be a warranty period of six months to one year, which will repair the seasonal cracks in the project. Such as the joint of the door and wall, gesso line and the wall, two different materials of different expansion coefficient, the seasons, air humidity changes prone to cracking and the cracking belongs to the normal craze, from wet summer transition to dry winter, this phenomenon is more common, fall within the scope of decorate a company warranty. Therefore, the client wants to find the reputable decoration company to sign the contract, indicating the warranty period, the company to the indoor normal cracking for seasonal repair.