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High quality service promotes the rapid development of Chinese furniture brand.

Now everyone's attention may be focused on the Beijing Olympics, but for the Chinese furniture industry, there is a lot of focus. RMB appreciation, export tax rebates reduced, artificial cost increase, rising prices of raw materials, international crude oil prices surging and affected by the us subprime crisis brought these factors such as lack of international consumer has been obsessed with the Chinese furniture industry. Chinese furniture industry increasingly fierce brand war and industry big shuffle is playing the furniture industry 'Olympic Games'. Who will run to the front? Who can win the last crown? How to quickly improve the competitiveness and build strong brand influence has become an urgent task for Chinese furniture enterprises.
However, everyone knows that building a strong brand is not an overnight thing. It requires enterprises to do a lot of internal work to build up the popularity and reputation required by a strong brand. Some furniture products belonging to regional brands are also difficult to move forward in further development, so what is the bottleneck of the development of furniture enterprises? Where are their weaknesses?
If you look carefully, you will find that many enterprises only attach importance to formal things on the road of building a brand, and some details are often overlooked. For example because of a little publicity forget the quality problem, because at that time lead to snub the product design update, because it raises its own is a brand value from the customer, not to deal with the problems in time, so that the heavy product. Now many people like in "backward" gradually, reflect the dynasty furniture before they feel what all is in leading, now seems to be a lot of enterprises have come up, such as the Louvre is luxurious and noble than it. The positioning of the enterprise is also very important. Some enterprises are vague, while others can catch a point of amplification, so they have more competitive advantages.
In addition to the lack of attention in some details, the failure to improve product service in time has become a bottleneck on the road of Chinese furniture brand promotion. Most companies simply give their products to consumers, such as the maintenance of some furniture, maintenance problems, including recycling. They have no service at all, or are not aware of it. This shows that consumers are not concerned enough to include consumers in a series of partners. The individual thinks good product should not just buy a product, but should sell service.
Because the service is a high value-added industries, and difficult to replicate, a lot of foreign enterprises is tied up with some unique services and products, contributed to the absolute share of products. This method is worthy of reference by Chinese furniture enterprises. First, the furniture industry also belongs to the buyer's market. The competition between the industries will only become more and more fierce. Only by improving the corresponding product service can the stable consumer group be obtained. Secondly, by improving the product service, we can expand the business scope of the enterprise, increase the profit source of the enterprise, and bring new support to the increasingly thin furniture manufacturing. Third, product service is an unrepeatable content, and its promotion is conducive to the promotion of the brand. Fourthly, the product service should be placed in the business scope of the enterprise, which can understand the environment and problems of the products and enterprises in multiple channels, and make timely adjustments, which can help the long-term development of the enterprise.
In the modern society, no matter what products are sold, they are selling services, and the pure products cannot meet the demands of consumers. The furniture enterprise wants to walk on the road of the brand more smooth and fast, that quickly enhances your service!