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The application of science and technology wood in decoration.

1. Application of technology wood.
(1) application of technology forest veneer in furniture and interior decoration.
There are many varieties of wood veneer in science and technology, such as sabine, black walnut, purple rose, red cherry, two-color rosewood, twill teak, red arrow, yellow arrow, golden arrow, peacock feather, white finch, etc. The wood grain that has become almost extinct in the world, the wood grain of thousand generations pine can be imitated lifelike. The veneer of science and technology can show the texture of some natural wood. Science and technology wood can increase the aesthetic feeling of furniture and interior decoration with various colors and patterns.
Nowadays, with the improvement of science and technology of wood application technology, ordinary mimosa to realize the "great transformation", through the computer simulation design, and veneer dyeing, adhesive coloring, such as molding technology, making it has all kinds of precious tree wood texture, color, smell, or even more artistic effect. Figure 2 is part of the bionic product. The price of science and technology wood is cheap, for instance lumber market sells 800 yuan of a kind of gellan wood of solid wood skin, and the technology of same grain of technology wood skin can be bought only 70 ~ 80 yuan, use the price is more cost effective.
The technical wood veneer specification is unified, the utilization rate is high, overcomes the limitation of the diameter of natural wood, the utilization rate is close to 100%. Fig.2 technology wood decoration effect and some bionic products (2) technology is not conducive to the healthy development of the furniture industry.
Natural wood has a lot of advantages, but its color and texture are changeable, and often bring trouble to designers. Technology wood veneer can solve this problem. In recent years, China's leap progress had been made in science and technology, wood production technology, the technology gap with international has shrunk dramatically, a minority enterprise products has entered the international market, sheng "brand wood science and technology have begun to try to cooperate with furniture production enterprise and furniture designer, according to the furniture stylist puts forward wood color, texture, smell, specifications, or some unique artistic effect" tailored "for them.
"Tailor-made" can not only maximize the creative talent of furniture designers, but also bring healthy competition to the whole furniture industry. The benefits are mainly reflected in: making furniture design more fashionable and artistic, making furniture design style more diversified.
The design innovation of furniture product infuses vitality. Designers don't have to worry about the intricacy of wood color and texture, and the creative inspiration of designers can be fully displayed and creative.
The new product developed by furniture enterprise basically need not worry to be imitated, copy. Due to limited by technology, our country can manufacturer of wood science and technology co., LTD., can according to customer requirements "tailored" are much rarer, and different manufacturers most of the technology of wooden product color, texture is different, so, the same of products of the possibility is small, if "tailored", the possibility of the same will be further reduced.
2. The green effect of technology wood.
China has the largest plantation area in the world, with 46667 million hectares. Although the plantation grows faster, there are fewer species of tree species, small diameter, poor texture and easy deformation. It has effectively protected the natural forest resources of precious tree species and satisfied the consumption demand of the market.
Technology wood "originates from nature and is superior to nature", which has created a space for the wood processing industry and injected fresh blood into the traditional wood industry. It not only brings "green health, personality natural wood new products, more advocate the attention to the ecological environment, complied with" can hold the sequence development "of the trend of The Times, so the wood science and technology has a broad market prospect.